How we work with you

1 Analysis

We learn about your business, its culture and define exactly what you need or what you want to do

2 Design

We develop a specific solution to meet your needs and trial it to make sure it works

3 Deliver

We implement the solution - this is done with you & your managers, supporting you at each stage

4 Review

We review the implementation and check to make sure the agreed outcomes have been met

HR Advice & Support

Over the past 10 years we have worked with a whole host of high growth organisations, supporting them with project and retained HR advice to hep them grow their business.
It all starts with a plan that links what the business wants to achieve in terms of profit, expansion or products and then identifying the people elements that will support it.
The list of interventions are wide but commonly they include things like:
  • Developing future focused organisation structures
  • Defining roles
  • Supporting recruitment through drafting person specs, advertising and screening
  • Testing for current staff in terms of future growth
  • Developing rewards and recognition schemes
  • Aligning pay structures

Personality Tests and Assessments

We assess talent, whether its the talent you have or the talent you want we are really good at analysing people using a whole host of tools and tests.
Personality profiling has come along way in the past 20 years and we use world leading tools like OPQ32 and MBTI to get a feel for what a person is really like and where they are likely to succeed or struggle in a role..
It starts by examining what you want from a person both today and in the future, this is often based on your organisation's values or plans, and then from this we create a picture of the perfect person (the model), we then compare your team or candidates to this model and look for gaps.
  • Highly analytical and linked to your business
  • World leading tools - OPQ32, MBTI, Saville Wave
  • Personality profiling, off the shelf ability tests, bespoke tests written by us
  • Competency and behaviour framework design
  • Assessment and development centre design
  • Recruitment candidate assessment

Employment Law Advice

People are your greatest asset and some can be your biggest headache. If only people were like robots life would be easy but unfortunately they aren't.
We understand people and we also know the law, so we help managers and business leaders everyday to work within the rules to solve people issues, develop policies and role out changes.
We'd never advise you to break the rules, but we explain the law in everyday terms and the best way of acting to solve the issue. We'll talk you through what you need to do, how to plan meetings and supply any documents you may need.
  • Preparing and writing letters
  • Developing contracts and handbooks
  • Attending and holding meetings if needed
  • Remote and face to face legal advice as you need it
  • Managing absence and return to work processes
  • Managing underperformance, grievances, restructures, TUPE and disputes

Retained & Online HR Support

You don't know when you're going to need advice, so to have someone on hand just in case is always handy. We get to know you, your team and your business so when we give advice its always in the right context.
As HR advisors we support our customers by not only giving accurate employment law advice, we also support them on a whole range of other matters including how much to pay someone, the best way solve internal disagreements and where to advertise for staff etc.
In addition to all this fantastic support our customers can also access our online document database that holds over 200 best practice letters, forms and policies that can be used to help manage employees.
  • Best practice letters and forms
  • No monthly contract or lock in - cancel anytime
  • Fee's are based on the time you need not how many employees you have
  • Online documents
  • We'll come and see you if needed - at no extra cost
  • Just like your own HR Manager at a fraction of the cost

You can't beat a good coffee

If you'd like to know more about how we can support you get in touch for a coffee and a chat