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Employment law in human not legal

Law doesn't have to be complicated - it's got to be useful

Complying with the law can seem like an uphill battle, just when you think you're sorted, someone changes the rules.  For many organisations this leads to confusion and uncertainty about what is, or what is not the right thing to do.


Our mantra is simple, law doesn't have to hard, so our advice needs to be simple to understand, practical to implement and realistic so it takes account of your circumstances, whilst keeping you on the straight and narrow.


Average Award

The average award for unfair dismissal was £11,813 with the highest being £3,402,245

Cost to go to Tribunal

It costs up to £1,200 for an employee to bring a claim to a Triunal

Fall in number of claims

58% fewer claims lodged in Jan-Mar 2014, compared with claims lodged Jan-Mar 2013

Unfair Dismissal Claims

The percentage of claims brought for unfair dismissal

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