AET - CET - Train the Trainer - Online Courses

Colourful training and development

We specialise in the design and development of engaging, impactful and effective training programmes for individuals and organisations.

As an Edexcel training centre we have an enviable track record of delivering high quality train the trainer programmes including the Award in Education and Training (AET), the Certificate in Education and Training (CET) and the L3 Assessors Award.

In addition to these programmes we also write and deliver tailored, non-accredited train the trainer programmes for small groups who want to develop their training competence without the need for formal certificates.

Award in Education & Training

  • Delivered online or in-house
  • L3 Qualification with certification
  • Introduces the fundamentals of teaching & assessment
  • Focus on the practical aspects of training adults

Certificate in Education & Training

  • Delivered online or in-house
  • Follows on from the AET qualification
  • Expands the fundamentals of teaching & assessment
  • Focus on the planning of training for adults

L3 Assessors Award

  • Delivered online or in-house
  • Enables the assessment of vocational qualifications
  • Focus on developing the skills to make sound assessment decisions
  • Introduces the functions of standardisation & assessment methods

Train the Trainer

  • Delivered in-house
  • Half day modular format
  • Broad range of topics to enable employers to create pic'n'mix courses
  • Presentation, communication, assessment and design modules amongst others

Online Learning

  • AET, CET & Assessors Award Online
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Online marking and feedback
  • Complete & upload assignments
  • Quizes and test to check your progress

Non accredited training courses

Supervisor Development

With our experience in training design and human resources we have delivered 100's of hours of training developing the skills and competence of supervisors to help them lead their teams better.

Using our experience of personality profiling we are able to undertake a meaningful training needs assessment to identify the real development needs of your team, and plan training to fill in their leadership gaps.

Our Supervisor workshops are unique in that we develop each one to suit the specific needs of our customers, so they are never off the shelf, but designed just for you.

HR Training Programmes

Our HR courses are designed to meet specific needs of teams and groups. At the heart of all of the programmes is helping managers and leaders understand the law and HR concepts to enable them to manage and lead their teams better.

Our workshops are either half or full day in nature and tailored to the existing knowledge and skills of your team so they are pitched at the right level so the training sessions really have an impact.

Topics include: managing underperformance; managing absence; employee engagement; motivating colleagues; principles of leadership; holding difficult conversations

Online learning platforms design & build

We design and build online learning platforms using Moodle for customers large and small

Through open source technology we create stable and secure learning systems that are designed specifically for the customer to enable them to deliver and assess their own employees without having to buy an expensive third party system,

Through training we give our customers the knowledge and skills to write and create their own courses, build tests and assessments and enable them to analyse reports on how their employees are progressing.

In house online systems are great to assess employee's health and safety knowledge; undertake online inductions; implement skills training; check knowledge and skills through assessments and tests and create evidence to support assessment decisions

Moodle Development

  • Customised online learning platform for your organisation
  • Design and build service
  • Create in-house health and safety courses
  • Implement employee assessments
  • Validate employee competence and skills